Our Partners 2017

Improve population health by partnering with an industry leader! Ateb, an Omnicell company, provides Pharmacy-Based Patient Care Solutions that offer bidirectional connectivity to pharmacy management systems. By combining Time My Meds® Medication Synchronization and SureMed® by Omnicell® multimed adherence cards, our appointment-based approach enhances patient care, improves health outcomes and health plan quality measures while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Indegene Healthcare, healthcare vertical of Indegene, is a pioneer in end-to-end Risk Adjustment, HEDIS/STARS improvement and Provider Engagement areas. Indegene leverages its legacy of rich clinical expertise, proprietary analytics models, Education Outreach and Training capabilities that enable payers and providers thrive by driving better business and health outcomes. Owing to its strong focus on IP and innovation, Indegene has developed next generation platforms to drive integrated solution delivery to its clients.


​Healthify's mission is to build a world where no one's health is hindered by their need. ​To achieve this, we provide software for managing social determinants of health in Medicare and Medicaid patient populations. We help payers and providers alike navigate complex extra-clinical care needs to provide community resources for those desperately in need. As the leading solution for social determinants in the era of value-based care, we​ ​can accurately say that what we do reduces future costs, improves referrals, and most importantly ensures for a healthier, better cared for population. Visit www.healthify.us so we can help you, help more people.

​Home Access Health seeks to empower members to take the first step in managing their health using our pioneering at-home laboratory testing service. Our unique kit design makes sample collection easy, which increases program compliance. As a result, you receive the data needed to expand your population health management programs, improve quality measures and manage risk. Members win too; they get a picture of their health and a connection to a primary care physician. Our tests include A1c, microalbumin, cholesterol and screening for colorectal cancer. To learn more please visit www.homeaccess.com

​HealthCrowd is the industry's first end-to-end communications solution for payers. Our vision? To transform healthcare communications from tactical activity to strategic lever. The company's product suite comprises its flagship Unified Communications Platform, Clairvoyance(TM) for advanced campaign analytics, and RiskSentinel(TM) to comply with federal and industry regulations around digital member outreach. HealthCrowd helps health plans unify, automate and optimize multimodal communications to deliver member-centric engagement, at scale, in a risk-managed way. The impact is profound: A positive difference in members' perception of health plan communications and significant, quantifiable savings to the health plan. Our approach is prescriptive and based on data. We believe in rapid testing and optimization with the utmost sensitivity to the member experience. Our technology, service excellence and pride of ownership are the driving force behind HealthCrowd’s success, from member navigation and activation, to gap closure (HEDIS, STAR), to retention and redetermination.

​Decision Point Healthcare Solutions was founded on the principle that health plan clinical, financial and operational performance can be greatly improved by making informed predictions on strategic decisions. Using revolutionary processes and technology, Decision Point helps plans prioritize decisions based on the return and the likelihood of success, fine-tune those decisions based on data-driven knowledge, and execute on those decisions by optimizing a plan's understanding of its members and providers.


​Wellsource has been developing innovative, NCQA-certified health risk assessments longer than anyone in the industry. Our Medicaid and Medicare HRAs consider the unique needs of adult beneficiaries, helping identify risk factors for preventable chronic illness and an individual’s readiness to change. Visually engaging reports help initiate conversation and inspire change.

“Vheda Health's mobile care management platform saves Medicaid and Dual payers $17,175 per member per year by automating care plan compliance. By using the right mix of human touch and technology, our partners reduce costs, creating more compliant patient populations. Vheda Health's platform currently reaches 12 million lives and is growing daily.”

Mom’s Meals NourishCare provides high-quality meal solutions direct to the homes of senior’s and patient’s nationwide. Customers choose every meal every order from our broad selection of entrees, including those to support common health conditions. Mom’s Meals has been a leading nutrition provider for over 17 years.

PopHealthCare offers innovative programs in high-risk population management that drive rapid, large, and demonstrable improvements in member quality of life and satisfaction, while helping its partnering health organizations to appropriately code and document members, enhance quality scores, and reduce medical costs. With decades of experience, PopHealthCare is led by a team of long-standing leaders in health care analytics, field-based high-risk population care delivery, quality improvement, and both prospective and retrospective risk adjustment services. PopHealthCare has designed its high impact services to meet the needs of local, regional and national health plans and provider organizations and currently partners with over 40 health plans across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico.

Leading healthcare organizations depend on Medecision's team of experienced professionals and suite of Aerial™ applications to power their value-based care management strategies, which allow sustainable and scalable risk management. Medecision focuses on delivering precise insights on population and individual risk for optimal, evidence-based interventions.


Media / Association Partner

Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA) is the leading national trade association solely focused on representing the universe of Medicaid health plans. MHPA works on behalf of 123 commercial and non-profit plans that serve over 20 million lives. MHPA provides advocacy and research that support policy solutions to enhance the delivery of quality care to disadvantaged Americans.